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CubedPro™ makes commercial displays look their best regardless of the time of day or night while at the same time reducing energy costs and extending their life.
The product works with any size commercial display and can handle nearly all types of content. The CubedPro delivers all this and more. And best of all, it's available now through authorized distributors.

The science behind wow!


Save Energy. Go Green.

Your commercial display will use less power regardless of the time of day, all thanks to 65Cubed industry-leading power management technology. Gone is the need to manually adjust your screen based on evening or daylight. 65Cubed does this automatically. So, you can enjoy the energy savings while your display always looks stunning.

Stunning. In any light.

Perfect color is complimented by patented smart pixel-by-pixel color boost technology. We expose and present the true capabilities of your commercial display. The CubedPro transforms simple display imagery into a theatric-quality presentation. Best of all, it looks stunning any time of the day.


Life. Extended.

Let’s face it, commercial displays are expensive. To buy, to own, to run; 65Cubed brings the math behind color physics to a practical level. We treat the display properly every hour of every day by overriding adhoc approaches to power and color management. The result? Your commercial display doesn’t work as hard yet still looks great.

Alerts. In real-time.

We've all been there. Technology goes out when you least expect it. The good news is CubedPro has your back. It intelligently knows when something isn't right and alerts you to issues before they become big headaches. And the best part, its all done in realtime. Get alerts via text, email or even Slack and be pro-active when issues arise.

About Us

We know entertainment and advertising can make or break a business. We also know commercial screens use a lot of energy and over time look worn out. So, we took our decades of experience and love for technology and created CubedPro. The result? Lower operating costs while improving the image over the lifetime of the display. All while making the earth a greener, better place for everyone. Contact us today to learn more.

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